One of the major responsibilities of the Utah Division of Water Resources is comprehensive water planning. Over the past decade and a half, the division has prepared a series of documents under the title "Utah State Water Plan". This includes a statewide water plan and an individual water plan for each of the state's eleven major hydrologic river basins. The preparation of these plans involved several major data collection programs as well as extensive inter-agency and public outreach efforts. Much was learned through this process; state, local, and federal water planners and managers obtained valuable information for use in their programs and activities, and the public received the opportunity to provide meaningful input in improving the state's water resources stewardship.

These documents are the latest in the "Utah State Water Plan" series and are intended to guide and direct Utah's water-related planning and management into the next century. They summarize key data obtained through the previous water planning documents, introduce new data where available, and address issues of importance to all future water planning efforts. Where possible, these documents identify water use trends and makes projections of water use. The documents also explore various means of meeting future water demands and identify important issues that need to be considered when making water-related decisions. Water managers and planners will find the data, insights and directions provided by these documents valuable in their efforts. The general public will discover many useful facts and information helpful in understanding Utah's water resources.

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