The Geology section provides geologic expertise in areas of general geology, hydrology, wells, groundwater recharge, geologic hazards, public inquiries, and education and also provides geologic assistance for the Division’s sister agencies such as Wildlife and the Utah Geological Survey.

To learn more about the Geology Section, please contact Carl Ege 801-538-7282 or email

Recent Projects

Millsite Dam
  • Observing various phases of dam construction and renovation for possible geologic hazards
  • Geologic mapping of the spillway foundation and embankment
  • Trench reviews of potentially active faults that may impact the dam site.
Recapture Dam
  • Perform bi-annual inclinometer surveys to monitor the movement of the active landslide.
  • Inspection of embankment, spillway, and drains at each visit
Silver Lake Dam
  • Supervise the installation of piezometers
  • Observation of foundation excavation and identify areas of seepage
  • Perform gradations of dam embankment material
  • Log test pits to determine layers of sediment that are more prone to seepage
Devils Playground
  • Wrote an article on the geology and mineralogy of the area that is featured in the 2019 Utah Geological Association guidebook
Geologic mapping of the spillway foundation at Millsite Dam
Drilling to install a piezometer at Silver Lake Dam.
One of many iconic outcrops of granitic rock found at Devils Playground