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Project Updates
Cost Estimate
The most recent cost estimate (late November 2015) ranges between about $1.1 Billion and $1.8 Billion depending on which route is selected as the preferred alternative in a future Environmental Impact Statement. This range reflects the potential development cost of the project. The cost estimate will continue to be refined as more detailed information becomes available

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Water Use and Needs in Southwest Utah
A Water Needs Assessment is currently being updated to cover current water supply and use as well as projections for the area to be served by the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline

Federal Licensing Permitting & Environmental Compliance
On March 3, 2008, the Division of Water Resources filed a Preliminary Application Document (PAD) and Notice of Intent with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to begin the federal licensing, permitting and environmental compliance processes for the Lake Powell Pipeline. Although FERC will only license the hydropower portions of the project, it will work with all the involved federal agencies to create an environmental impact statement that meets all of their needs

Download PAD Volume's I and II (zip file)

Scoping Document 1 (pdf)
Scoping Document 2 (pdf)

Further information about FERC documents and actions on the Lake Powell Pipeline can be accessed by searching on Lake Powell Pipeline in FERC's e-library at:

The pre-application part of the process is expected to be finished by mid-2016. At that point the license application will be filed and the EIS is anticipated to begin.

Updated Information about the FERC schedule and the status of the resource studies is found in the following slide slows presented in November 2009

FERC ILP Schedule Update
Environmant Studies Update

Initial Study Plan Report meetings. Two meeting were held on March 22nd and 23rd to present the findings of the environmental and cultural resources studies that have been done over the past few years. The Initial Study Reports were submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory commission (FERC) on March 11, 2011 and are available on its website (see instructions below).

To access the study reports on FERC's website, please go to:

From there, click on eLibrary Alternate Site at the bottom of the Search Options List. A new window will open which will allow you to enter two things:
    1. At the top of the page, a Date Range that includes 1/01/2012 through the current date or you can click one of the periods that includes these dates, and
    2. About halfway down the page, a Docket Number, which is P-12966
After entering that information, click Submit at the bottom of the page. A list of entries, will be displayed. Which will include links to all the study reports.
Preliminary Engineering & Environmental Studies
MWH Americas, Inc., a worldwide firm based in Colorado, is currently working on preliminary engineering and environmental studies for the Lake Powell Pipeline. 

The studies include an evaluation of the need for the project, preliminary hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering, determining optimal location, sizing and configuration of the project, right-of-way evaluation, and engineering economics to assist the Division of Water Resources in sizing and siting project facilities.