Water Reports

Legislative Audit Process Reports: These reports will take you audit process that identified recommendations and opportunities to improve water use data.

Utah’s M&I Water Conservation Plan (2014):

Detecting Leaks in Utah’s Municipal Water Systems (2013): This document extends the “Utah State Water Plan” series by taking a look at a conservation measure recommended to all water utilities in the state: Water Audits and Leak Detection Programs. It does so by surveying leak detection efforts being undertaken by some of Utah’s municipal water suppliers.

Utah’s M&I Conservation Plan | Investing in the Future

The Cost of Water in Utah (2010)

The Water – Energy Nexus in Utah (2012): In locations where scarcity of water and/or energy exists, they can develop a constraining relationship where lack of one disrupts supply of the other. This is what is described by the term “water-energy nexus.”

Water for Utah (2019)

Outdoor Water Use Efficiency of Utah’s Universities and Colleges (2012) 

Managing Sediment in Utah’s Reservoirs (2010)

Municipal and Industrial Water Use in Utah (2010)

Jordan River Basin (2010)

Uintah Basin (2016)

Utah Lake Basin (2014)