Great Salt Lake Watershed Council

Welcome to the Great Salt Lake Watershed Council Site!

Watershed councils provide an opportunity for local stakeholders to share information and resources. This coordination is essential to holistic watershed planning and management and and helps to optimize available resources.

In each watershed area, a local watershed council will be made up of all water related organizations. This may include: municipalities and local government; agriculture; industry; Indian tribes; public water suppliers; water planning and research institutions; water quality; fish and wildlife; water dependent habitat and environments; watershed management, such as distribution system committees functioning within the watershed; mutual irrigation companies; and local sponsors of reclamation projects. 

The Local Watershed Councils are not intended to replace any existing organizations. For general inquires, email

Each local watershed council will be a diverse group of people that represent the many interests of the local area. The Great Salt Lake Watershed Council will encompass each of the five watersheds that drain into Great Salt Lake.

The five local watershed councils included are:

The Great Salt Lake Watershed Council will provide a collaborative forum for all parties interested in securing a reliable and resilient source of water for Great Salt Lake.

The Division of Water Resources, with assistance from The Langdon Group, is currently working to establish the watershed councils. Organization of the five watershed councils within the Great Salt Lake watershed is ongoing. We anticipate that the Great Salt Lake Watershed Council to be functioning by late Spring 2023.


We are here to serve you and help ensure that the watershed councils benefit you, your communities, the state of Utah and future generations. If you would like to stay informed or have any questions or ideas, please contact us:

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