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The Utah Division of Water Resources is housed within the Department of Natural Resources on the corner of Redwood Road and North Temple in Salt Lake City.

Division of Water Resources Org Chart

State of Utah Employee Directory

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Main Office
1594 W North Temple, Suite 310
Salt Lake City UT, 84116
Phone: 801-538-7230

Mailing Address
PO Box 146201
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6201


Candice Hasenyager | Director
Phone: 801-538-7278
Email Address:

Joel Williams | Deputy Director
Phone: 801-538-7249
Email Address:

Todd Stonely | Assistant Director of Planning
Phone: 801-538-7277
Email Address:

Shalaine DeBernardi | Assistant Director of Development
Phone: 801-652-1668
Email Address:

Michael Sanchez | Public Information Officer
Phone: 385-226-8967
Email Address:

Shelby Cooley | Conservation Manager
Phone: 801-300-1623
Email Address:

Josh Zimmerman | Conservation Coordinator
Phone: 801-946-7168
Email Address:

Marisa Egbert | Project Funding Manager | Bear River Development Planning Manager
Phone: 801-538-7252
Email Address:

Eric Dixon | Design & Construction Manager | Lake Powell Pipeline Project Manager
Phone: 801-310-8407

Jim Egbert | Budget Officer
Phone: 801-538-7257
Email Address:

Carl Ege | Geologic Investigation
Phone: 801-538-7282
Email Address:

Craig Miller | Hydrology & Modeling Manager
Phone: 801-538-7280
Email Address:

Scott McGettigan | Interstate Streams Manager
Phone: 801-538-4754
Email Address:

Rachel Shilton | River Basin Planning Manager
Phone: 801-538-7271
Email Address:

Aaron Austin | Technical Services Manager
Phone: 801-538-7291
Email Address:

Summer Dawn Shumway | Web, IT & Communications Manager
Phone: 801-538-7287
Email Address: