Secondary Irrigation System Metering

Many residential connections use secondary water for outside irrigation. When connections aren’t metered, it is difficult to track and conserve secondary water. Meters have been proven to help reduce water waste by informing users of their consumption without mandating water restrictions.

In 2022, the state legislature passed HB242 followed by SB 251 in 2023. These two bills resulted in Utah Code 73-10-34 which requires that all secondary pressurized connections be metered by January 1, 2030.

In addition, Utah Code 73-10-34.5 appropriated $250 million in ARPA grants for the purchase and installation of secondary water meters. The Board of Water Resources was tasked with distributing these funds. To learn more about ARPA grants and loan funding, select the Meter Grants & Loans button below.

The requirements regarding secondary meter installation are only applicable to secondary water suppliers, NOT residential consumers.

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