Project Funding

For information on how to apply for funding and to download an application, visit the Board Funding page.

The Project Funding Section helps the Board of Water Resources administer revolving funds to develop new water projects and refurbish aging projects throughout the State of Utah. Board members are assigned to work with projects located in a given River District. Since 1947, the Utah Legislature has appropriated approximately $500 million to the various funds overseen by the board. The board has in turn disseminated over $850 million to construct about 1,500 projects, which have a combined total project value of $2.3 billion.*

Visit the Board Projects page to view a comprehensive list of projects.

The Project Funding Section employs a staff of engineers who help entities develop water projects that not only meet the needs of their local communities but enable Utah and its citizens to thrive.

Below is a sampling of project types that the section has ushered through the Board’s funding process

  •  Agricultural storage reservoirs, diversion dams, pressurization ponds, canals, ditches, and pipelines.
  •  Canal and ditch lining, enclosure, and piping projects.
  •  Municipal drinking water treatment plants, storage tanks, distribution, and metering systems.
  •  Water distribution line and meter replacement.
  •  Secondary irrigation systems, including water meters.
  •  Remote sensing and measuring devices for agricultural, municipal, and secondary systems.
  •  Dam safety upgrades.
  •  Hydropower facilities.
  • Stormwater system components.

To learn more about the Project Funding Section or receive assistance with your project funding needs, please contact Shalaine DeBernardi at 801-652-1668 or email

Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure, north Utah County
Muddy Creek Siltation Removal Structure, near Emery
Millrace Diversion Dam, near Spanish Fork

*The funding figures cited have not been indexed with inflation.