Information for Water Users

What to expect


Meter installation involves digging, installing and connecting, and replacing landscaping. Your secondary water provider is responsible for the installation process. If you have questions or concerns about the process, please contact them.

Reports on usage

Meters will be used to inform users of their water consumption. Grant recipients are required to deliver usage reports to users on their systems to their users after meters are installed.


Utah is experiencing a gradual climate change and immense population growth. Although we will occasionally have record-breaking snowfall, droughts will become more regular and intense. Additionally, Utah’s population is expected to increase greatly by 2050 and place further demand on our water systems.  Through conservation efforts, we as individuals can make an impact on the longevity and sustainability of our current living conditions. 

It’s difficult to conserve water when you don’t know much water you use. Your secondary water provider will provide you with your water usage from the meter on a regular basis. Research shows that when water users know their usage, they reduce their consumption by 25-40%. 

Installation timelines vary by water provider. Contact your secondary water provider for specific information.

This is dependent on your secondary water provider. Please contact them for more information. 

No. The state legislature mandates that all pressurized secondary connections be metered. It is up to your secondary water provider to determine if they are exempt from the legislation.

This is dependent on your secondary water provider. Please contact them for more information. 

It is unlikely it will affect your pressure, but contact your secondary water provider to verify. 

By having a meter, you will be able to know how much water you are using in your landscape. Most users do not know how much water they’re using to irrigate; as a result, they overwater their lawn. Meters provide information that helps homeowners know how to adjust their water usage without compromising the beauty of their landscape. 

If you’re unsure who your secondary water provider is, you can find them on our open data dashboard. Select the layer list (icon with stacked diamonds), turn on the Secondary Water Systems layer, and enter your property address. If you cannot find your secondary water provider on this map, please contact the Division of Water Resources at  

More information on secondary metering can be found on our Secondary Irrigation System Metering landing page.

If you have questions or need further information, please email: