Utah Water Conditions Update

Published 10-12-23

SALT LAKE CITY (Oct. 12, 2023) – As the new water year begins, Utah reservoirs and soil moisture are in a good spot as water managers start tracking data such as snow accumulation, stream flows and soil moisture. 

“A water year, spanning from Oct. 1 to Sept. 30, aligns with natural precipitation and snowmelt patterns, providing a holistic view of our water resources,” Candice Hasenyager, the director of the Division of Water Resources, said. “This timeframe allows water managers to assess reservoir levels, monitor precipitation patterns and plan strategically for the diverse water needs of our communities.”


Utah holds its first cloud seeding symposium

Published 09-28-23

SALT LAKE CITY (Sept. 28, 2023) – Today marked the commencement of the highly anticipated Utah Cloud Seeding Symposium at Snowbird Resort. The landmark event proved to be a pivotal moment in the realm of weather modification, bringing together leading experts, researchers and stakeholders to explore the multifaceted world of cloud seeding.


Utah Water Conditions Update

Published 09-14-23

SALT LAKE CITY (Sept. 14, 2023) – Monsoonal moisture has played a critical role in reducing water demand across the state. While it hasn’t significantly boosted reservoir levels, it has been instrumental in curbing the pressure on the state’s water resources. 

“Monsoonal moisture may not have been a silver bullet for our reservoirs, but it has been a lifeline in reducing demand,” Candice Hasenyager, the director of the Division of Water Resources, said, “It reminds us that nature plays an important role in our quest for resiliency, and reducing demand is the one lever we have to pull to secure our water future.”


Utah Water Conditions Update

Published 08-14-23

SALT LAKE CITY (Aug. 14, 2023) – As scorching heat returns to Utah, the state’s reservoirs have become crucial sources, fulfilling the needs of residents, agriculture and municipalities. In these times of reliance on water reserves, fostering a waterwise mindset is imperative to ensure sustainability during the inevitable dry years ahead. 


Utah Water Conditions Update

Published 07-13-23

SALT LAKE CITY (July 13, 2023) – Utah’s water supply continues to benefit from a stellar winter as of the beginning of July. The state has experienced a gradual melt-off, which has helped replenish water reserves.

“Last year, we were facing unfavorable records. Now, we are achieving positive milestones,” Candice Hasenyager, the director of the Division of Water Resources, said, “This year’s exceptional snowpack offers us a unique opportunity to enhance our resilience to drought by continuing to conserve and preserve our water supply.”

According to the latest data from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Utah has currently received 137% of normal precipitation. This is a significant improvement when compared to last year when precipitation was 7% below normal. Soil moisture has been a major driver for how efficient the state’s runoff has been. The record snowpack kept the soil moisture high. Very little runoff soaked into the  soil and instead refilled streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

Image shows someone working on a community development project.

Utah Division of Water Resources Introduces a Way to Report “Water Wins”

Published 05-17-23

SALT LAKE CITY (May 17, 2023) – The Utah Division of Water Resources has announced the launch of a new online form where residents can submit “Water Wins,” or waterwise actions they’ve noticed in their communities. These water-saving actions could include waterwise landscaping, creative water re-use or major upgrades in commercial water systems.

Image shows Brian Steed with a white background

Gov. Cox appoints Brian Steed as new Great Salt Lake commissioner

Published 05-15-23

SALT LAKE CITY (May 15, 2023) – Gov. Spencer Cox has named Brian Steed as the state’s new Great Salt Lake commissioner. This appointment is subject to approval by the Utah Senate. 

“Brian has been a trusted advisor for many years and I appreciate his willingness to re-enter public service at this critical time,” said Gov. Cox. “We have a unique opportunity right now to protect and preserve the Great Salt Lake, and Brian’s expertise and passion for the lake will ensure its future is secure for generations to come.”

Picture show Governor Cox with the Lt. Governor signing bills with state agency professionals in the background.

Gov. Cox ceremonially signs bills focused on water

Published 04-26-23

SALT LAKE CITY (April 25, 2023) — For the second year in a row, the legislative session concluded with significant investments targeting water conservation, efficiency and infrastructure. Our record-breaking winter that delivered the deepest snowpack in state history has certainly helped with our drought conditions, but there’s still a ways to go. These bills will help Utah become more waterwise and drought resilient. Here are some highlights: