Southeast Colorado River Watershed Council

Welcome to the Southeast Colorado River Watershed Council page!

The Southeast Colorado River Watershed Council will be one of the 12 local watershed councils that will operate in Utah.

Current Status

We are in the process of organizing this council and anticipate convening it in spring of 2024. This process will include 1-2 large organizing meetings. The dates and location of these meetings will be posted below when available.

We are taking unofficial nominations for this watershed council.

  • Nomination does not guarantee membership, but is the first step in the process of convening this council.
  • Nominees must reside or work within the watershed or own or control the right to divert water within the watershed. 

Council Development

Initially, we gather unofficial nominations from local governments, key stakeholders and interested individuals. Nominees are then informed and asked about their interest and availability to serve on the council. The list of nominees is further refined by the interest they may represent, as required by code.

Then a large group meeting is convened with all interested nominees to further discuss potential roles, interests and structure of the council. At a second meeting, the group elects officers and adopts organizing documents and bylaws. Finally, the new council prepares an application packet for certification by the Utah Watershed Council, makes a presentation and is certified as the official council for their local watershed.


Local watershed councils are created to encourage and facilitate discussion and collaboration or water-related issues and concerns among the stakeholders within the watershed. As feasible, the watershed council will facilitate communication and coordination among the following interests:

  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Utah tribal nations
  • Public water suppliers
  • Water planning and research institutions
  • Water quality
  • Fish and wildlife
  • Water dependent habitat and environments
  • Watershed management
  • Mutual irrigation companies
  • Local sponsors of reclamation projects

Each local watershed council will designate one representative to serve on the Utah Watersheds Council, where issues of concern can be brought to the attention of the Legislature and governor.

Colorado River reflecting the La Saal mountains. Photo by Aaron Fortin | Janet Quinney Lawson Institute for Land, Water, and Air. Not for reuse.

Meeting Schedule & Minutes







If you would like to be informed about the Southeast Colorado River Watershed Council, or if you have any questions or ideas for the council, please contact us. We are here to serve you and help ensure that the council brings benefits to you and the state of Utah.