Top view of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon in Arizona

Utah makes changes to the Lake Powell Pipeline that will significantly reduce costs

Published 09-25-19

The Utah Board of Water Resources (UBWR) is simplifying the Lake Powell Pipeline (LPP) project by eliminating two reservoirs proposed to generate hydropower at times of peak demand. The modifications will reduce project costs more than $100 million, align with regulatory changes and reduce environmental impacts. LPP will still be able to produce hydropower using inline facilities.  (more…)

Fourth-annual “H2Oath: Water War” kicks off among colleges and universities

Published 09-19-19

The Utah Division of Water Resources is holding its fourth annual “H2Oath: Utah’s Water-Wise Pledge” competition among Utah’s colleges and universities. Also known as the “H2Oath: Water War,” the competition raises awareness for water-wise behavior. The school that gets the most students, faculty, alumni and fans to take the online oath, wins a $5,000 grant to be awarded to the department or program most closely related to water conservation.   (more…)

Officials sign drought contingency plan at Hoover Dam signing ceremony

Water officials sign drought contingency plans at Hoover Dam ceremony

Published 05-20-19

BOULDER CITY, NEV. – Water officials from all seven Colorado River Basin states joined representatives from the Department of the Interior and Bureau of Reclamation May 20 to sign drought contingency plans for the Upper and Lower Colorado River basins. These plans are designed to reduce risks from ongoing drought and protect the Colorado River. (more…)

Utah Division of Water Resources and UTA Partner to Purchase Property

Published 12-04-18

June 18, 2020 – The Utah Division of Water Resources (DWRe) and UTA have terminated their partnership to jointly acquire property in Box Elder County adjacent to Union Pacific’s existing rail corridor. The partnership was established in December 2018 and was initially beneficial because the division lacked property acquisition experience. The partnership eventually became cumbersome and both parties are moving forward independently.

DWRe is currently looking to acquire property from willing sellers to preserve a corridor for future pipeline alignment options. Construction is not anticipated for about 30 years and is subject to an environmental review under the National Environmental Policy Act. 

The Division and UTA will continue to partner on a surveying contract, which is included in the original scope of work. A contracted right-of-way agent is working on behalf of DWRe.

December 4, 2018 – Utah Division of Water Resources (DWRe) and UTA are partnering to jointly acquire property in Box Elder County adjacent to Union Pacific’s existing rail corridor. (more…)